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we need immediate financial help

Christianmom started this conversation

what little bit of pay my husband is getting already has now been garnished, and we have even less, we cant pay bills, we cant pay rent, food, ect ect we are in desperate need of about $15,000 immediately to cover late bills/fees and to clear up some debt.we just want to try to get things back to normal again. we are willing to pay it back, with interest. we are just seeking a kind hearted person who wants to help us and our three children. please, can anyone help?

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Wolf Angel
 in response to dyinginside...   Wonderful!! Cant wait to hear the good news!
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 in response to Wolf Angel...   Complaint letter already in the mailbox, guess I'll soon know what the lawyers think!! Their own lawyers said nothing was aimed at them !! Thanks for listening!! Jim
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Wolf Angel
 in response to dyinginside...   Jim,
I see no threat in what you wrote - i think they just wanna an excuse. Consult with Legal Aid in your state.

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 in response to Wolf Angel...   Hey again, actually I had worked for them over 11 yrs!! Also I just recently sent my story to Legal Aid, hope there is something they can do. Never want to work for them again, but it would be nice to get the unemployment moneys for the past 4 months, but they are claiming that some my therapy writings/poetry scared them and were threats!! Fabricated lie that I doubt I can prove, Neglect might be another answer though, plus they LIED under oath and falsified documents! Have been writing to understand and expel depression and anxiety for almost a year, hoping to stay off meds!! Thus the title dyinginside, lack of work is only part of my despair. I'll send a couple, please don't take them wrong. Jim  OK I couldn't post so I'll just rewrite one for you! HIDDEN  Wicked sick the hate is thick, scars are deep pain is raw,icy veins that just won't thaw, Chain it down destroy the key you won't like what hides in me, In the sand a line is drawn where you cross is where I spawn, Fueled by anger and betrayals a darkened soul now prevails, Tread not heavy down that path far worse than death is my wrath!!  Referring to a total part/area of my life, but being the self-righteous fools that they are, I must have been talking about them!! They Ignored this one.  New Beginnings  Is it better to give than to receive, will this hurt you more than it hurts me, show me some proof a chance to believe, Where is your magic tucked in your sleeve, where is your God and why did he leave, Will he be back for a final retrieve fullfilling your hopes or horror you grieve,the end for you new beginning for me  Hope I didn't bring you down with my foolishness, but thanks for listening.  also have artwork

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Wolf Angel
 in response to dyinginside...   Dear Jim,
How long have you worked at that place? You can do one of 2 things; get a lawyer to get your unemployment or 2; if it wasnt long, just leave it off of your resume. A lot of people I know did this and everything changed for them.....and fill in that time with for example, taking care of a sick person....
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 in response to Wolf Angel...   Thank you for the message, tried that number, my kids are 22 and 27 they can't seem to help me either, still doing all I can to hang on, Landlord is cutting me some serious slack though, if it weren't for that I'd be in my car during the winter, still might be, still job hunting 6-7 hours a day 7 days a week, Thanks again Jim
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Wolf Angel
 in response to dyinginside...   Hello Jim,
I too have the same problems but don't Let GO - reach out to friends, relatives and neighbors - i dont know if you have this but if you call 211 they can get you what you need. I on the other hand cant get anything or my meds cuz my son turned 19 and they said that I cant get it??? So you stay in there Jim!
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Hello, my name is Jim, after years of neglect I finally had to show my employers how bad they had mismanaged myself and others, showed them that I had been to the doctors for depression and stress, been under going therapy, writing feelings down then trying to understand them, analize them, even shared suicidal thoughts and crawling into dark closets to escape, they Fired me then out of spite, blocked my unemployment, costing me everything, sending me even further into dispair, I have not been able to get work now for four months, even though I have 26 yrs experience in heating and cooling, can't pay utilities, rent, any bills, selling personal things to pay disconnects. Desparate for help, don't know that I can hang on much longer!!!
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My name is Michaela , I am the mother of 2 & 1 year old girls. I was recently laid off due to health issues I have been having. We are in desperate need of financial assistance to prevent us from becoming homeless. If you think you might be able to help or want top help please call 308-380-5450 and leave a message. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.
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A friend needing help in Jesus
"Greetings to my bretheren in JESUS i'm really in a great need right now and i've been praying to JESUS that He would help me,"you see i came from a poor family and its our nutrition month tommorow but i don't have money to buy some fruits and food for our school i hope there would be a divine help from JESUS people and if ever there would be someone there who has a kind and loving heart who could send some money to help me in JESUS i really need it imedietely but if ever there would be a help i would not point to myself but i would gladly say that JESUS gave it, And may JESUS be the one to BLESS you so much more in His promise in (Luke 6:38) and may your deeds of Kindness be recorded in the Books of Heaven and be remembered when The LORD JESUS comes. "GOD BLESS in JESUS"
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 in response to ...   i am in need of immediate financial help for the hospitalization bills of my son. he got pnuemonia, dengue and sepsis. those sickness are really that bad that bought us to stay long to the hospital for almost a month and the bills are becoming more bigger and bigger. for those who are kind hearted, please help us. thank you.
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I am a 59 year old man with crohns disease.My wife left me a week ago and I can't pay my rent that is due today at the latest.I have two eight year old cats that have been with me since they were born.We have nowhere and no body to help us.We'll be on the street.Please any christian that will help us,I'll pray for you everyday.719,527-0021 please call.God bless you.
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 in response to cocodrila...   Were you working when your husband left if not then he has to provide for you call me 919-498-2914 GOD BLESS
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 in response to cocodrila...   Were you working if not then he does have to pay for you a place to live. Call me 919-498-1914
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I am a single mother of one 3 yr old daughter. I'm going to nursing school to try to get retrained to start a new career. My electric got shut off today. We have nowhere to go. I need $750 to get it turned back on. If someone can help I would really appreciate it.
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help thine brother
I live in a small community, I have been disabled and cannot physically work as my legs go numb and I cannot hold my weight. I have had to move in with my mother. I cannot get approved for financial assistance as I am not injured enough. I am willing to do anything I can but I cant even stand long enough to wash dishes to help her arond the house. The house is in severe disrepair. Due to job loss my two brothers have moved back home also. We are approved for foodstamps (thank God).

When it rains my brother and I have to put plastic on our beds to keep them from getting damaged. my brother and I utilize the couch and love seat. We are currently in need of 2500.00 for rent and utility bills. We currently have a legal running car but the insurance will be discontinued on the 14th at 12:01a. if anyone is out there and willing, although I do not know how I will try to repay. We have already decided not to have christmas but just to have the dinner as we can get the food. But at this point I am hoping to have electic and a place to eat.
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I've be homeless since 4/30/10 my husband left and I just found out that he is aposed to pay for me to live is that true please help me it's getting cold outside

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I desperately and reluctantly have to ask for help! I am not just asking for 2 yr old is my everything and I would do anything for him!

The story is...I am a single Mother and I pinch pennies and bargain shop and use coupons (whatever it takes)!

I bought second-hand furniture off of Craigslist and I am not saying anything bad about me it has been helpful buying and selling some things, but... OH MAN...okay here it is............BEDBUGS!!!!! I had no clue for over a month! I thought bedbugs were just something my grandmother said to me when I was little;before bed!

I went to the doctor's and they had no clue what was wrong with me and my lil' guy wasn't covered head to toe like me...actually he had no bites!

I have finally put aside just about what I need for the exterminator, but I had to toss out me and my son's beds and I really would appreciate any help...even if it is advive or a prayer.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our situation.

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Child of God2

Hello my financial Angel,

I am a single mother of two children (16 and 9), and I have always provided for them....on my own, with little assistance.  But now I have a condition that is crippling my body and has interfered with my ability to work...Therefore, I am now unemployed and without medical insurance or transportation.  

I receive child support for my daughter in the amount of $99.23 per week.  I also receive $637.00/ monthly in care of my son from his deceased father.  Being that I have this unearned income coming, it puts me over the bracket allowed to receive any type of cash or medical assistance from the state....but what they don't get is that, the monies I receive is already delegated to my bills, I give God the Glory for payment plans, because if it wasn't for them, we would not be able to maintain our living. Therefore, I'm asking for 25,000 to pay for my medical expenses so that I could get healed and return to the workforce, so I could properly take care of myself and children. 

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Roanoke Mom in Need

I need immediate financial help. My husband is not with me, my handicapped son and I are in dire need. My mom was helping me but she died on April 1st leaving all of her debts to be handled and only enough insurance to bury her. I have no one to help me pay my rent, and other bills or purchase food.

My job ended on June 11th and I haven't found another job yet. I've applied to a number of places but haven't gotten anywhere yet. Please we need help here in Roanoke.

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